My Mother’s Day Poem!

Hetty Monksea
Mar 14, 2021


Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful, wise, and amazing mothers out there! Here is my poem for all of you:

Gently holding

The soft unfolding,

Careful time

Spent in sunshine,

To bask with bouncing baby.

To nurture what was maybe,

A bubbling stream,

A flowing dream,

A prowling cat,

Or a fancy hat.

But remember today is your day,

To relax and sit,

And to calmly stay.

Let all memory wash back,

While, inside, something doth crack

And all happiness is found within,

All joy jumps, no sin is let in,

Just be,

Just see

What reveals itself

What shows itself

To be here let’s say,

On Mother’s day.



Hetty Monksea

A bookworm and cat/guinea pig lover. Writing a story... Follow me on Twitter/Pinterest/Substack: @ATaleofJourneys